Analysis Of Gulliver 's Travels By Jonathan Swift

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Theme Gulliver’s Travels takes place in a part mythical, part “earthly” world. Lemmuel Gulliver is a sailor that lives in London and sets sail on various adventures that take him on many twists and turns, and even a few close encounters with death. After all these experiences Gulliver still seems to make it home after an odd turn of events. In Gulliver’s Travels, Jonathan Swift uses characterization, point of view, and figurative language to show how people should be more honest and respectful when doing tasks especially when dealing with strangers. Jonathan Swift uses point of view to tell the story through the view of the main character Lemmuel Gulliver, allowing him to show his experiences. Allowing him to show his personal experiences, Gulliver came to the conclusion of honesty and respect being the best way to go. In the beginning of the story, Gulliver stats out as a person looking for an honest living, although as you get further into the story, Gulliver becomes more comfortable and as a result becomes more deceitful. When the lies are solved Gulliver can get into some pretty sticky situations even as far as life and death. Gulliver says, “To lament the brutality to Houyhnhnms in my own country, but always treat their persons with respect, for the sake of my noble master, his family, his friends, and the whole Houyhnhnm race, whom these of ours have the honour to resemble in all their lineaments, however their intellectuals came to degenerate” (p.633). By the end of
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