Analysis Of Haigh 's Chocolate Factory

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Introduction Haigh’s Chocolate factory was one of the oldest chocolate factories in Australia which was started before a century on May 1st 1915 will be celebrating their 100th anniversary in few more days. There are various factors which make them stand as one of the top chocolate sellers in Australia. It was started with a small factory in 1915, emerged with 6 stores in 1933 and from then they have increased their business gradually and now they have 14 outlets and also employing more than 500 employees. They are also running an online portal to sell chocolates which delivers more than 250 products across Australia. They are among the top 10 sellers of cocoa chocolate in Australia over years. They follow the same tradition what they…show more content…
Few different products sold by them are listed below • Boxed Chocolates • Loose Chocolates • Gift collection • Bars • Gourmet • Novelty • Block Services Currently, they have 14 stores across Australia to sell their chocolates and also online portal where the user can login into their application and start purchasing the wide variety of products available in the website. They do have facility to deliver the ordered chocolates at their footstep with a minimal fee for transportation of their chocolate products. Haigh’s provide offer for corporate services, where they have separate boxes for them and they give them a special discount as well. They are providing customer call service where the users can buy the products by making a single phone call. They provide a tour service to learn about the history of Haigh’s factory and also about the cocoa beans which are planted across the world which are mainly used for making these chocolates. The tour service mainly benefits the tourist and also the local people but a prior booking is mandatory before visiting. Suppliers The main suppliers are the owners of cocoa plants which are planted across the world. The cocoa which are imported with ethically sourced one and 70% of its cocoa is under UTZ certified scheme. The main source for Haigh’s which is cocoa are imported from Italy, china and France which are cheaper and of good quality. The materials which are used for packing in the
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