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Hamlet personal response Isolation. An eerie dread, a detachment, an unwelcome independence. A feeling that everyone expects to feel at some point, yet are never prepared for. Why? Why do we accept that we’ll feel isolated if we aren’t going to be prepared when the feeling actually hits us? Maybe because despite it being a common emotion, it’s not one brought about naturally. Hamlet, for example, didn’t begin to feel isolated from those around him until the tragic death of his king. After which, he saw the true colours of those around him, and began to feel isolated. I didn’t feel isolated until discovering that my parents had omitted important information from me, the moment I truly began questioning the extent of their ‘caring’ attitude towards me. I started wondering: are they really the people I thought they were? Should I put as much trust and companionship into them as I currently am? To many people, having a relationship is like going on a hike. Despite a few rocks and bumps here and there, everything that happens in the relationship is within the strict lines created by the original trailblazers. What we often fail to see, is that none of our paths are truly finished. Each relationship unravels differently, therefore the task of creating a perfect and complete path, is virtually impossible. Mistakes are made when we stumble upon those unfinished parts. We don’t make mistakes in how we deal with others in the relationships, but how we deal with our own emotions.
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