Analysis Of Hank Morgan ' The Boss '

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Hank Morgan, “the Boss” in A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court is a smart, innovative, and productive man. From the beginning of the novel he wants change in Camelot. To the Yankee Camelot is too medieval and promotes the ways of savagery. Hank Morgan is an excellent character promoting the “American way” by taking a community and forcing his ways on the people, while also taking away aspects of their community they may not have wanted to get rid of, in the first place. The novel begins with Hank Morgan transporting to sixteenth century, Camelot, a medieval, monarchy, knighthood ship, sorcery society, from Hartford, CT in the nineteenth century with the mentality of the American way is the only way. The Yankee starts to strip Camelot of their sense of government and way of life. He does this by trying to end forms of cruelty that is not seen as acceptable in America during that time period such as slavery, monarchy, knighthood, unfair trials, and excessive punishments. Hank Morgan sees the Camelot people as savages because they do not comprehend how their way of life and cruelty toward other human beings is wrong. He sees this when he passes by the slaves and he says that he needs to end slavery and free these people, but they are not ready for it. This also ties to the unfair trial system and excessive imprisonment. The land owners, rent out the land to their peasants and declare a certain percent of their crops, while also never letting them leave. Therefore,…
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