Analysis Of ' Hansberry 's ' The Sun ' And ' Local Business Owners '

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From top singers, Super bowl MVP’s, or local business owners, African Americans today are among the most influential and successful people. Yet the terms poor, dependent of whites, unstable, and family struggles come to mind after reading the beginning of A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry. The way Hansberry’s portrayal changed throughout the play is very much similar to how the public view African Americans today. Hansberry’s beginning portrayal of African Americans is that they are poor, dependent of white people, and have poor home structure; as the story progresses, however, Hansberry’s portrayal changes to strong, independent, and courageous. When the play begins the Younger family seems to have many problems. The way the family is portrayed it leads people to believe that they, like all other African Americans, are poor, dependent of whites, and have many struggles within their family. It is obvious early on that that Walter and Ruth have their difficulties. Walter and Ruth’s arguments not only impact their relationship with each other, but it also impacts their relationship with the rest of their family living with them. Living in their small house is not only Walter and Ruth, but their son Travis, and Walter’s mother Lena and sister Beneatha. This also portrays that their entire family is poor and they are forced to live in a crammed home. Family struggles throughout the play impact the attitudes and emotions of everyone in the house. With so many people…
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