Analysis Of Hard Times By Charles Dickens

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Antoine Wood
Dr. Dolata
16 Jan. 2016
In Hard Times one Carefully Observes the Idea of Change and can Incorporate Different Morals as They Coincide and Transcend Today In the story of Hard Times written by Charles Dickens one can clearly tell that the story is set during a time when many believed in stressing the importance of strict disciplinary actions. The story kicks concerning the idea of facts. Within the text one can notice the idea of a few things: the nature of learning, common knowledge, and education, or should one say the important significance of it. In the classroom it is filled with facts in opposition to ones feelings and or liberation. One thing that stood was how the instructor wanted to teach the students. Based on the notion of facts that is how he wanted them to receive and or retain information. In chapter two, a lesson is taught by Thomas Gradgrind as a prime example for Mr. M’Choakumchild. Mr. M’Choakumchild is a man who aspires to impart within children nothing but straight facts. As Thomas aspires to implement information into the “little pitchers” as possible Sissy Jupe seems unmoved. She was just not impressed. Statistical description of a horse was not the same as what she understood it to be. In Coketown, Thomas Gradgrind started a school. He then hires Mr. M.Choakumchild who aspires to do nothing more than impart cold hard facts. Mr. Gradgrind seems to be one of the type of people that look for and expects for a specific type of
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