Analysis Of Harold Pinter 's The Lover

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ALFRED FARAG 'S GAWAZ ALA WARAQET TALAQ (MARRIAGE ON A DIVORCE CONTRACT) (1973) The main aim of this paper is to study the concept of meta-drama in Harold Pinter 's The Lover (1962) and Alfred Farag 's Gawz Ala Waraqet Talaq (Marriage on A Divorce Contract) (1973). This paper will first examine the apparent reality of each play as a whole. This picture will be mainly based on the impressions, or prejudices, which the audience carries to theatre, either based on the foreknowledge of the theme of the play or even divination based on the title of the play. For, by means of the hermeneutic circle, "not only do the parts lead to an understanding of the whole, but there must also be an understanding of the whole prior to the examination of the parts" (Weinsheimer 14). When considering the two plays part by part, an effort will be made to "bracket" or suspend prejudices, and to observe the possible phenomenological perceptions as they pile upon one another .That is, as the specific aspects of each play begin to show forth and inner meanings become integrated, philosophical insights may come to light, revealing different and possibly hidden layers of social, political, or philosophical interpretations. Finally, the parts will be reconstructed in order to demonstrate the relation of the two "readings", (zahir and batin), upon one another and the relativity of interpretation. The word metatheatre was coined…
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