Analysis Of Harry Hawthorne's The Prevalence Of Humbhit

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Job interviews are where potential employees ‘sell themselves’ to get the job. This happens regardless of profession and skill, especially when there is a limited number of spots available. Accordingly, everyone applying for a job attempt to make themselves better than they actually are without lying directly, which is where Harry Frankfurt, author of the article “On Bullshit”, says it happens without a second thought. When looking up the definition for bullshit, Frankfort did not look up words meaning bullshit in other languages as he did not know them, but he was fully aware that it did exist in other cultures and older words are used in other languages. As Frankfurt was looking, he found other words such as humbug when he was looking at…show more content…
Frankfurt would have not liked this to happen in the first place and he’s right; there are a need for efforts to clear up these anomalies, especially now.
I find that job interviews are where people ‘fake it until they make it’ and usually it will get the job without a problem. However, with how competitive the workfield is becoming as technology continue to evolve, there is a greater need now to weed out the people who employers are not looking for. Furthermore, I agree with the definition of bullshit and humbug as there is no clear line with what is true and what is false considering how integrated bullshit is in American society. In a lot of Spanish cultures, I know there are other places similar to the US that it’s okay to pass off bullshit in passing, but not when there is coming serious on the line as they want the best qualified people out there to come and work for them.
When I have done interviews for either internships or potential business and job opportunities, there is a need for me to make myself better than others as I want the job just like everyone else. While complete honesty is rare when it comes to ‘selling yourself’, I am contradicting myself when I say it’s not an intelligent move to commit and I do it anyway. Consequently, it looks bad on me if I say something that is not completely true and then not reveal that

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