Analysis Of Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince

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Memory is how everyone in the world keeps track of what happens in their lifetime. Amnesia, after all, is probably one of the most feared disorders a person can get- humanity is constantly fighting to prevent the loss. Yet, even with such a high importance placed on memory, memory can rarely be used in court. A person must always have proof and evidence to confirm that their memory is accurate. In J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter septalogy, however, things work a little bit differently. Memories can be pulled directly from a person’s brain for anyone to view, shedding light on a situation easily. At the same time, memory comes with more challenges than in our world: they can be tampered with, meaning that memories cannot always be considered…show more content…
Each memory provides more information than before, but it also leaves more questions to be answered. The memory is separated from any thoughts the person it came from had while it happened, leaving the viewers only with what happened and their own thoughts on the matter. And in the case of Tom Riddle’s transformation into Lord Voldemort, gathering memories to draw conclusions from is already hard enough. As an illustration, consider the preface Dumbledore provided before he entered the final two memories with Harry: “But now, Harry,” said Dumbledore, “now things become murkier and stranger. If it was difficult to find evidence about the boy Riddle, it has been almost impossible to find anyone prepared to reminisce about the man Voldemort. In fact, I doubt whether there is a soul alive, apart from himself, who could give us a full account of his life since he left Hogwarts. However, I have two last memories that I would like to share with you.” (430) That is, Lord Voldemort buried his skeletons deep in the ground (along with anyone who could recount them), making it extremely hard to trace a clear path from Tom Riddle to Lord Voldemort. In doing so, he forced Dumbledore to make giant leaps out of very little information and to go to far lengths just in order to gather that little information. If Dumbledore had not been a genius, the whole situation could have gone very wonky very easily as Dumbledore could have been left chasing red herrings.

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