Analysis Of Harvey Fierstein's On Tidy Endings

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“On Tidy Endings”
Harvey Fierstein is an American actor, play writer and voice actor. Fierstein was born in Brooklyn, New York, to parents that were eastern European Jewish immigrants. Harvey considers himself as an atheist. Fierstein is an openly gay male who often writes columns on gay issues. Over the years Fierstein has received many awards for his plays, films, books, and movie roles, many are based on issues faced by the gay community. Harvey Fierstein wrote “On Tidy Endings” to bring awareness to the AIDs epidemic and “Angels In America” in addition, Harvey first performed “On Tidy Endings” in New York for a program he held Titled “Safe Sex.” However, this play also deals with so many other issues that many people face in their everyday life. In addition to Fierstein bringing awareness to homosexuality and AIDs, he also touches on love and grief. I feel as though Fierstein play “On Tidy Endings” shows us that grief and love have no restrictions, limitations, or boundaries in regards to who or how they impact a person’s life. He also show that love and grief can cause us to form unlikely bonds, friendships, and connections that would have never came about without these two components.
“On Tidy Endings” opens up with the late Collin’s ex-wife Marion and his 11 year old son Jim entering the apartment that Collin shared with his lover Arthur prior to his passing from AIDs. Marion is in the apartment to meet with Arthur to finalize paperwork regarding Collin’s will, and…
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