Analysis Of Have Smartphones Destroyed A Generation

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Ever since smartphones were created, they have changed teenagers’ lives entirely. The article Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? by Jean Twenge, shows the ways the invention of the smartphone has changed recent generations. The article mentions the rise in teen depression and suicide, cyberbullying, and teen safety. It also mentions the decline in our social abilities, dating, and sleep. Smartphones have had both negative and positive affects on teenagers, but the negatives significantly outweigh the positives, which points to the need to put down the smartphones, as the article suggests. One of the many negative points in this article is that there has been a decline in teenagers’ social abilities in the recent generations. In the article it says, “The number of teens who get together with their friends nearly every day dropped by more than forty percent from 2000 to 2015 and the decline has continued to become steeper” (Twenge). After reading this article I realized the difference in the amount of times I hung out with my friends in high school than I did in middle school. Middle school was around the time I got my first smartphone and not many people had one, so I wasn’t constantly on it and neither was anyone else. We also couldn’t even bring our phones to school if we had them; this forced us to communicate in class and during passing period, instead of having our faces glued to our phones. Since we were always talking face to face, it was easy to have many
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