Analysis Of Hawthorne's Fanshawe

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He goes back to Salem, but does not enter his Manning uncles’ counting house instead Hawthorne secluded himself at his mother’s house in Salem and wrote a novel, Fanshawe in 1828 anonymously and at his own expense.Hawthorne begins to publish stories, first in Salem Gazette and then in 1831 an annual gift book, the Token. In 1836, Hawthorne goes to Boston and edits the American Magazine of Useful and Entertaining Knowledge for a salary of $500 a year, only $20 of which was ever paid. He then writes Peter Parley’s Universal History for a fee of $100. In 1837, Hawthorne publishes Twice-Told Tales, which his Bowdoin classmate Longfellow reviews enthusiastically. That autumn he meets the three Peabody sisters.(Cowley
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