Analysis Of He Can T Tell The Truth Short Story

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In this story the son is a liar “He can’t tell the truth ” because he keeps on lying to his mother . he has a lot of “outbursts” . he is also secretive because when his mother asked him about him knowing Turdy ( his cat) was crawled ,he acted like he was shocked and a bit surprised he didn’t really ask her any questions about Trudy, he said it doesn’t really matter because Trudy was almost 65 , 70 and that she lived long enough. ,in addition to that, maybe he was involved but he didn’t carry out the deed and his mother said that “he wouldn’t do such a thing like that ,and that he loved Trudy” he is also dumb by always lying to his mother it not like his mother won't figure out about him lying to him . "when I did the laundry I found
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