Analysis Of Health Of Health And Wellness Essay

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Analysis of Health Views Health is defined by Straub as, “ a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being. It involves physical as well as psychological and social well- being” (2012). The well being of an individual also includes social conditions, biological factors, and personality traits (Straub, 2012). Both health and wellness is highly looked over by individuals, this is until they understand how an illness destroys their body. However, to understand the views individuals have towards the concept of health and wellness one must first be aware of the definition of the term. According to the Sage Handbook of Health Psychology, Sutton, Baum, & Johnston (2004) explains the term health refers to a range of positive states of mental, physical, and social wellbeing. The term is not only determined by the absence of disease and illness but also by the variation of healthful signs composed of a person 's lifestyle. In addition, to physician’s findings of the illness, there are an assortment of environmental, opinionated, and behavioral factors that add to the possible reasons behind the individual’s health and illness. The purpose of the paper is to go over the many different views of health, events that made change come true, I’ll also provide the description of the biomedical model, the transition of the biomedical model into other fields of practice, and an explanation of the development of behavioral medicine. Changes in the Historical Views of

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