Analysis Of Heart Fasting By Chuang Tzu

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This passage, “It is easy to keep from walking; the hard thing is to walk without touching the ground… You have heard of flying with wings, but you have never heard of flying without wings. You have heard of the knowledge that knows, but you have never heard of the knowledge that does not know”(Chuang Tzu), illustrates the difficulties of people’s communication in the world. Here, Chuang Tzu is using Confucius’ words to explain his own views on dealing with people or things near you. In the sentence, Confucius is trying to tell Yan Hui that to be able to live in the world, he has to be “selfless”, which is to forget everything and forget the existence of one’s self. In order to reach “selflessness”, people need to learn how to do “Heart fasting” which is a spiritual sublimation and spiritual fasting, not just a kind of ritual. “Heart Fasting,” is letting people clean their minds, avoid all kinds of distractions, stop being cranky, and calm their hearts down. Confucius is trying to tell the world to put every pressure down because if there is too much burden in a human’s heart, there is no way to deal with things well. When doing something, there will be gains and losses. If we care about gain and loss, we will lose the real us. We have to forget everything and understand that putting something down is not a loss, but a way to pick it up better. In the book Chuang Tzu says, “Your life has a limit but knowledge has none. If you use what is limited to pursue what has no limit,

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