Analysis Of ' Heart Of Darkness '

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Heart of Darkness is about the dark effects of imperialism in Africa; the Englishmen wish to colonize in Africa with the purpose of taking their ivory. Charlie Marlow, who works as a sailor in the company of ivory trading. Marlow meets a man named Kurtz, the best-selling agent, during his journey to the Congo. In Heart of Darkness, the characters Marlow, Kurtz helps portray the theme. Marlow’s actions during his journey to the Congo in Africa develops his personality by revealing his character. When Marlow arrives at the Costal Station, the first company station, he hears of the top agent ivory trader. Marlow also notices that the men the company has cruelly working in undesirable conditions. Charlie observes what the imperialist ideas has done to the natives. As seen in the novel Charlie has many chances to make a difference, but ultimately he “fails to take a moral stand” (Adelman 60). Charlie realizes that the men working for the company are called criminals by the Englishmen, although in reality, they are slaves. Marlow notices that the Englishmen also call the criminals, “niggers.” He becomes accustomed to the use of this word, that he incorporates this word in his vocabulary. Marlow says “The fool nigger had dropped everything, to throw the shutter open and let off that Martini-Henry” (Conrad 41). Marlow has contributed to the imperialistic ideas that have been brought by the white men through his use of this derogatory term. Marlow arrives at the Central Station to

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