Analysis Of Hector And The Search For Happiness

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For the most part, everyone likes to hang onto his or her happier thoughts. People grasp onto the moments in which a smile adores their face or a laugh escapes without permission. Innocent memories filled with wonderful ignorance. As people grow older, the memories no longer hold onto such innocence. They experience a journey in which they grow and learn, see and feel, as does Hector in his search for happiness. In the film “Hector and the search for happiness,” the main character, Hector embarks on a journey. In his journey, Hector learns that happiness is feeling completely alive, listening is loving and happiness is being loved for who you are.
Throughout his journey, Hector learns that happiness is feeling completely alive. In the beginning of the film Hector portraits unhappiness in his everyday life. While at work he sits and nods, not at all intrigued by his career. He does not enjoy his job despite it being a good, well payed job. Later on in the film, his wife invites him to dance a request; he turns down more than once. Instead, he sits alone by the bar set aside from the cheers and laughs going on around him. As the films moves on hector losses up a little. When he reaches Africa and visits the makeshift hospital his friend Michael has set up, he meets a young boy named Buratti. Upon seeing the injured little boy, Hector allows himself to be a little silly in order to ease Buratti up and make him laugh. Through his adventure in Africa, he goes through over packing

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