Analysis Of Hector And The Search For Happiness

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Hector and the Search for Happiness, an awesome movie that allowed me to rediscover what happiness truly is and opened up my mind to its many other concepts. The movies main character is a young physiatrist named Hector, as the movie plays out Hector begins to travel the world in search of the true definition of happiness and what happiness means to the people around him. Hector’s destinations were China, Africa, and L.A. I believe that the settings affect the development of Hector’ character in great amount. Every country had its own unique situations and people that had an input in how the main character develops and changes during the film.
The first setting takes place in China where Hector overcame many obstacles that contributed to the huge change that we see in our main character. Edward’s the first person he comes across on his plane ride to China. Now Edward wasn’t just anyone he was an extremely wealthy gentleman, when Hector asks Edward about his happiness he explained that money brought him happiness and that there truly wasn’t a need for happiness when all his time was dedicated to working and making extra money. At the end of the night Edward decides to show Hector a bit of what happiness is to him as he takes him to a luxurious nightclub where he meets a beautiful young lady named Ying Li. Hector ended up falling for the young lady. When Hector later asks Ying for her point of view on happiness she points to a group of ladies eating food on the market floor…
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