Analysis Of Hellerman 's ' Should Apes Be Saved From Ebola?

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Analysis on Hellerman’s “Should Apes Be Saved From Ebola?” In The Atlantic Monthly during September 14, 2015 Caleb Hellerman article, “Should Apes Be Saved From Ebola?” discussed the recent controversy between scientist and animal conservationist on whether the bigger danger to Chimpanzees is the Ebola disease or the medical research that may lead to a vaccine. Hellerman the previous supervising producer of CNN medical unit, has written many health articles for CNN on worldly diseases. The Atlantic Monthly is a publication that serves as a platform for major contemporary political affairs and world health issues. This makes them a credible and trustworthy source.
The author’s audience in this article are scientist who conduct medical research using animals. The author’s purpose is to inform the reader on how a cure is being researched, but there are many ethical researcher obstacles they have to face in order for them to continue their research with chimpanzees. The recent Ebola outbreak has devastated and effected people worldwide. The unspoken truth is the disease has wiped out a third of the Chimpanzee and Gorilla population in the Congo of Africa. Ebola is a disease that is transmitted from primate to human beings. The rapid spread of the disease has been attributed to the tight troop or band the primates live in. Humans are thought to have contracted the disease through the handling of the carcasses of the dead chimpanzees. Peter Walsh is a wildlife biologist who is

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