Analysis Of Hemingway 's Hills Like White Elephants

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Those who have ever been in a serious relationship know that communication is key, and at times can be extremely difficult with the opposite sex. While men tend to look at situations from a logical stance while speaking their mind, alternatively women view situations from their emotional side, and at times speak in code which is completely missed by the male intellect. In Hemingway’s “Hills Like White Elephants,” there are two Americans traveling in Spain, the setting of the scene is a bar located near the train station where a life altering conversation takes place while they await the arrival of the train to Madrid. The man is persuasive with his words while the girl speaks with similes to express her thoughts on the subject. While the man’s stance is clear it takes an analytical view to understand how the girl truly feels. With the use of symbolism in the story the reader is able to ascertain the true importance of the issue at hand. Much like the man and the girl in the story the setting is also divided into two distinct parts. One side has hills with trees, a river, and fruitful land, while the other side is dry, brown, and barren. Hemingway’s use of such a setting created the imagery of not only the division between the couple, but also her individual state. Currently, she is with child in which her womb remains full and fruitful, but as the story progresses, you realize that they are discussing having an abortion which in turn would leave her empty and barren.
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