Analysis Of Henlein Watch With Multi Functions

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In this report we are discussed about the multifunctional advanced watch that is henlein watch with multi functions .which is from UK based company which we are going to expand that company sales in India.
Here in the UK the company is well established .its sales and marketing, consumer behaviour all are in the high growth and the Indian market is suitable for this particular product so we are expanding our company to India .how this expansion and we are making some franchising in Indian market.
Here we are explaining the international marketing .foreign environment, structure of distribution products, geographical infrastructure, price, marketing, advertising, details of watch, grouping the market, targets of the company, positioning of
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Here the watch is having these special characters. It is a Wrist watch with special functions like GPS system. In the earlier system The Jeffery’s watch, it designed in 1750. This is watches is more useful to know where we are in sea journey by using longitude and latitude technology, there is no need to maintain external advanced electronic systems. It may call as H4 invented by John Harrison in the year of 1759 from UK, London. (H4 - National Maritime Museum)
This watch may have classical Navigation System. It is having water resistance and divers can use up to 200m to 300m. (Excursion tables in saturation diving, 2004)
PRODUCT is running with solar energy that used to display the digital water system and display the room temperature. This watch will work without the gravity, so that this watch can use in space too.
It is used for medical purpose that may be the human pulse rate, blood pleasure, body temperature. It is like classical automatic watch there is no energy required for this to operate the watch the system is very early.
So this is the watch with multifunction that is no energy used like batteries, cells. One wrist watch with digital system and analogue system. So this is about our brief description of product.
Product that means company Henlein watches may give good brand impression in the market when the design appearance, packaging, quality, design, brand potentials, delivery, guaranteed, co-branding, research about
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