Analysis Of Henry Mintzberg 's ' The Field Of Management '

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Employees have the power to make or break an organization; therefore an organization’s biggest asset is its employees. In order to achieve success an organization must employee quality workers, be structured in such a way as to promote success, and then enable their employees to use their skills and creativity to do extraordinary things. Henry Mintzberg, a renowned author in the field of management, defined and published his views on organizational archetypes (Matheson, 2009). Organizational archetypes are shared and recurring patterns of behavior in organizations (Taborga, 2011). Mintzberg categories along with their innovation implications provide organizations with information that they can use in the development of their strategic models. This paper summarizes Henry Mintzberg’s work with archetypes and outlines the key features and implications involved in each archetype, explains why organizations need a template for explaining the structure of an organization, and demonstrates why we have too many managers and too few leaders. The first type of archetype that this paper will summarize is the simple structure archetype organization. This type of organization is relatively informal compared to the other archetypal structures and lacks standardized systems, which allows the organization to be flexible. The simple structure archetype is used frequently by small or newly formed organizations such as small corporations and start up companies. These organizations are…
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