Analysis Of Hersey 's ' Hiroshima ' Essay

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In “Hiroshima” a nonfiction book about the World War II, John Hersey tells the stories six individual before, during and after the explosion of the first atomic bomb. In a vivid and factual detail, he presented the effects and cause of the bomb to some of the 6 survivors of the attack: A German, Catholic missionary priest, one Japanese doctor working for the Red Cross hospital, another doctor with a private practice, an office clerk girl, a Protestant priest, and a tailor 's widow. This paper will assess, appraise and furnish an analysis of Hersey tale as well as his arguments. Summary Plot and Characters Hersey start with an illustration of the whereabouts of each six main characters before the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. On August 6, 1945, American army eradicated a large percentage of the city of Hiroshima with an atomic bomb; roughly one hundred thousand people lives were terminated and others were injured. Tough the was a vast devastating number of people killed, some people survived the destruction of the city. Among those who survived, Hersey reveal the extraordinary stories of courage, survival, horrifying fears, and devastating loss of six survivors, a surgeon Dr. Terufumi Sasaki, a Jesuit priest Father Kleinsorge, a tailor’s widow Mrs. Nakamura, a desk clerk Miss Sasaki from the personnel of the East Asia Tin Works, a Methodist Pastor Reverent Mr. Tanimoto, and a physician Dr. Masakazu Fujii, all of them ordinary civilians. At the time of the blast,
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