Analysis Of Highline Collage With Special Reasons

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Manisha Kothiya
English – 091
Self-reflection essay

I came to Highline Collage with special reasons, because I want to improve my English writing and speaking skill. I started to Highline Collage from ESL level 4/5 transition. When I was taking ESL level 4/5, I applied for the Finical Aid. This Finical Aid helps students like me to complete their goals. English is my second language, and writing is difficult challenge for me. I know how to write essay in my first language because I completed Ph.d in my first language, and I wrote 1000 pages on “Daskumarcharit.” I do not know how to write essay in second language, because I do not have enough vocabulary. During this course I have learned many skills in my class writing English 091 such as MEAL PLAN, how to write summary and response, how to use quotes, how to make diagram sentence, and how to do research for my case –study assignment. It was big challenges for me, but when Avery gave me the MEAL PLAN template. It helped to make structure of my essay. Writing class was not easy for me, because my weakness is language. In addition, I have learned how to manage my time, like write self reflection, forum, and case-study which will help me in English 101 class.
When I first entered this class, one of my weaknesses was that my writing did not flow batter. I found that using transition word properly really helped me with sentence fluency. Another, weakness was my writing essay. Avery gave me write essay, and Avery said to write…
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