Analysis Of Highsmith Moved Into The Yaddo Artist 's Retreat

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In 1948, Highsmith moved into the Yaddo artist 's retreat, a community which aims to "to nurture the creative process by providing an opportunity for artists to work without interruption in a supportive environment” (Yaddo). During her time here, she lived generally disconnected from the outside world and completely immersed herself in her writing. When not working on her novel, she was journaling. Murder, she wrote, “‘is a kind of making love, a kind of possessing.’ She described it as feeling ‘quite close to murder,’ with her hands on her lover 's throat instantly making the victim ‘cool and rigid as a statue’" ("Murder for Pleasure" 54). Her personal journals were strangely reflective of the general trend taking hold in criminal…show more content…
Highsmith, who was never exclusive with Brandel, resented having sex with him. However, despite the repulsion she felt towards her partner, Patricia was determined to make it work. For six months, Highsmith underwent psychoanalysis in an effort "to regularize herself sexually" so she could marry Brandel (Schenkar 138-139). Although she withdrew from treatment, the psychological community heavily impacted the outlook Highsmith had on her personal relationships in her life. This is especially prevalent in regards to her sexuality. Strangers on a Train, Highsmith’s first novel, deals with both psychopathy and homosexuality. The main characters of this novel happen upon one another during a chance encounter on a train. Guy, the protagonist, meets Bruno. Afterward, the two start discussing the problems in their lives, and Guy spills his heart out to Bruno, for “Bruno was not the ordinary stranger on the train by any means. He was cruel and corrupt enough himself to appreciate a story like that of his first love” (Highsmith, Strangers 23). Once the two have gotten to know one another, Bruno seems to make a joke about each killing off the individual who creates issues in the other’s life. Guy is disturbed by this idea, but Bruno is serious. At this point, Highsmith starts developing the psychopathic buildup of Guy. Throughout the novel, Guy is shown to be a considerate, caring man. At one point, he thinks “the taste of Scotch, though Guy didn’t much care for

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