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The authors brings a new perspective on the ability of surviving poverty and overcoming the odds. He illustrates society’s views on people who are from the Appalachia mountain area throughout the book. By reviling his accounts and struggles, he opens the eyes of the readers who view these individuals as lazy, inbreed, rednecks, buy giving them a glimpse of his life struggles. The book, Hillbilly Elegy was a simple story of a poverty-stricken boy who grew up surrounded by negativity. The author took notice of all the people, events, failures, and his surroundings and use these to help mold him into who he is today. He would use the mentorship and observation of his grandmother and later his grandfather, who would, started as a salvage…show more content…
This tendency might make for psychological resilience, but it also makes it hard for Appalachians to look at themselves honestly” (Vance, 2016). This reference can be true with many of today’s youth who are stuck in poverty. These particular youth tend to look at issues from a different perspective. They do not want to stress on factors, which they little or no control of the situation. In their mind, they tend to block out and ignore problematic issue, which come their way. They hope the issues of drugs, alcohol, domestic violence, and poverty will eventually handle themselves and go away. The fact is they never go away, and the only way out of this cycle is education, a strong mind, and ultimately removal from the environment, which they grew up in. I know this cycle, and I have lived it. I know what it is to grow up like the author, because I can relate with him almost 100%. I know if it was not for the Army, I could have ended up just like everyone I know back in my hometown. It is hard to stay away from all the negative influences around an individual, but it is even harder not to repeat what was seen as a healthy relationship between a man a and a woman. This is where a strong mind is needed. An individual needs to take in all negative accounts and pledge to themselves not to let those same traits manifest in them, or they might also find themselves in an

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