Analysis Of ' Hills Like White Elephants '

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Enerest Hemingway’s short story titled Hills Like White Elephants, is a story that may seem as simple and plain as if not much is going on. However, the story is actually very intricate; the author was able to say a lot without using many words. The story is about a conversation between a man and girl who are waiting for a train in Spain. The couple are both distressed about how they should make a decision of whether to keep their baby, or terminate the pregnancy. Hemingway is able to say indirectly that the conversation is about abortion with clearly stating it by using literary elements. Some of the elements Hemingway uses are ones such as symbols to show different meanings for concision, irony to talk about something complicated in a clear way, and he uses an objective 3rd person point-of-view to make the reader feel as if he or she is observing the event themselves. This story is a great way to show how one can tell a story in a simple and economical way to reveal something very complex.
Hemingway uses a lot of symbols thought his story. He does this to illustrate two different meanings without having to explain every single detail. He achieves his position of being the spectator by using symbols to represent things beyond the surface. The first instance Hemingway uses a symbol is when girl talks about the white elephant (275). The white elephant represents something that no one wants to talk about, in this case, is baby that the girl is pregnant with. The author may not…
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