Analysis Of ' Hills Like White Elephants '

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Shivani Patel
Hum 101-007
King, Paul
5 December 2015 Female Disempowerment in “Hills Like White Elephants” In the story “Hills Like White Elephants,” Ernest Hemingway uses his in-depth ability of foreshadowing to provide the reader with little information on the stories background or future events to come. At first glance, the discussion that takes place in story seems like a minor argument between a couple at a train station in Spain. However, upon deeper analysis, this piece takes a stab at one of the touchiest subject’s world-wide - abortion. The female protagonist in this story, Jig, is pregnant and her partner, an American man, wants no part of the typical settled-down lifestyle. For some time the two have traveled around Europe with no true home and no set future. To him, this is the only way to live. The woman, however, sees a future at some point in time with a husband and children. Getting pregnant, to her, is a sign that the transition point in her life has come and she is ready to embrace it. The man, however, is unable to embrace this passage and uses his power to manipulate the woman in the direction of acquiring an abortion. The ways in which he abuses his power and coerces Jig to obey his will are devious and wobbly. From the very beginning, the man asserts his dominance and is relentless in his approach of dominating Jig. For one thing, the man is able to speak Spanish, and it becomes clear when the couple orders drinks and he is
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