Analysis Of Homer 's ' Iliad '

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Ryan Doerhoff
History of Greece
Dr. Kirkland
September 5, 2014
Document Analysis The primary documents that will be focused on in this analysis come from Homer’s Iliad. Homer is venerated today as the greatest of Greek epic poets, as his works had a colossal impact on the history of literature. Through his epics, Homer brings us first hand into the culture of the Greek world in the eighth century B.C. It is important to note that at this time very few had the privilege of an education, and lacked the skill to read and write. In turn much of the story telling was done orally and passed down from generation to generation. Eventually around the seventh century B.C. we being to see written copies of Homer’s poems appear. However because his works were recorded only in memory there is the chance that like the telephone game, some parts could have been changed each time it was retold. While he is telling a poetic story, Homer relates much about the political structure and cultural conditions occurring at this time is history. The first document to be assessed comes from the first book of the Iliad, in which Achilles and Agamemnon quarrel. This scene raises questions about the nature of kingship in early Greek aristocratic society, but most importantly it sets the stage for the rest of the epic. It is a common outlook that the Iliad is about the Trojan War; however it is all about the wrath of Achilles. Homer begins his poem with his rage by declaring “Anger, sing it,
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