Analysis Of Homer 's Odyssey By Homer

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Telemachus, who is the son of Odysseus was seen to be insecure and immature that had trouble in making decisions in his life. He had trouble coping with the idea of losing his father and letting others to rule Ithaca. It is noticeable from the beginning of The Odyssey, written by Homer that Telemachus finds himself in a complicated situation where his life is seen to be in danger. He is a character of being distance from people. The idea of Telemachus becoming his own father, threatens suitor’s control in Ithaca. Homer describes Telemachus as a teenager who has not found himself and is on a mission to become an adult as his father. Telemachus wants to be seen as a powerful and respected man. Before his mission, Telemachus meets with Athena who gives him courage to go and find his father. The meeting with Athena makes Telemachus more confident in making decisions. His mission to find his father and meeting with different kings and queens changes Telemachus into a secure and confident man. The people that he met during his mission made a tremendous change in his life in becoming more than he expected. Before meeting with Athena who came to Telemachus in a form of Mentes, Telemachus was an insecure and distant from people. He has no idea what is happening in his surroundings and does not know what do to in order to make changes in Ithaca. “Prince Telemachus/ sitting among the suitors, heart obsessed with grief/he could almost see his magnificent father, here…” The suitors would

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