Analysis Of Homer 's Odyssey By Homer

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One literary technique that is widely and effectively used in Homer’s Odyssey is the digression. The digression is departure from the main storyline that does not alter the action of the story, but adds a layer of sentimental content to the plot which usually helps underscore themes central to the story. The digressions in the Odyssey are meticulously written with great attention to detail just like the rest of the epic, and they truly help readers grasp the important aspects of the story. The liberal use of digression in the Odyssey helps build a vivid image of the character Odysseus by highlighting his historical feats, providing context to his current situation, and giving allusions to his future and his destiny.
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Clearly, this is no ordinary wine. The wine digression accentuates Odysseus’s hospitable and moral character while also providing plentiful information to the immediate course of Odysseus’s journey because it reveals his forthcoming battle against the Cyclops.
Another instance of digression is the emotional moment when Odysseus meets his old dog, Argos. When disguised Odysseus and Eumaeus are approaching the palace, Odysseus takes note of the deprived condition of his dog. “It was Argos, long-enduring Odysseus’ dog he trained as puppy once, but little joy he got since all too soon he shipped to sacred Troy… But now with his masters gone he lay there, castaway, on piles of dung from mules and cattle… Infested with ticks, half-dead from neglect… Odysseus glanced to the side and flicked away a tear” (364). This digression serves as a reflection of Odysseus’s current circumstances and also a former period in his life. Eumaeus tells Odysseus that “[He’d] be amazed to see such speed, such strength. No quarry he chased in the deepest, darkest woods could ever slip this hound. A champion tracker too! Ah, but he’s run out of luck now, poor fellow” (364). Argos used to be just like his caretaker, Odysseus, however in Odysseus’s absence, Argos has withered away. Both Odysseus and Argos are standing in front of their home, but feel a sense of homelessness. Argos faces neglect because he is a stray dog while Odysseus is
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