Analysis Of Homer 's Odyssey By Homer

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One literary technique that is widely and effectively used in Homer’s Odyssey is the digression. The digression is departure from the main storyline that does not alter the action of the story, but adds a layer of sentimental content to the plot which usually helps underscore themes central to the story. The digressions in the Odyssey are meticulously written with great attention to detail just like the rest of the epic, and they truly help readers grasp the important aspects of the story. The liberal use of digression in the Odyssey helps build a vivid image of the character Odysseus by highlighting his historical feats, providing context to his current situation, and giving allusions to his future and his destiny.
One of the more climatic moments of the story is when Odysseus prepares to engage the Cyclops. While Odysseus and his crew are getting the provisions to combat the ruthless Cyclops, Odysseus remembers to grab the “skin of wine along, the ruddy, irresistible wine that Maron gave me once… because we’d rescued him, his wife and children… a drink fit for the gods!” (217). This wine was gifted to Odysseus because of his benevolent and heroic actions. His hospitality is a direct contrast to the “savage deaf to justice, blind to law” who would take lives rather than save them (218). In addition, this digression intensifies the upcoming conflict between the civil Odysseus and the brute Cyclops. Odysseus must fuel his inner spirits and the wine serves as a reminder to…
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