Analysis Of Homer 's Odyssey By Homer

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The Odyssey by Homer is more light in tone than the Iliad, of the same author: The good wins while the evil is punished. Even though the gods are still strict, the relationship between Odysseus and Athena is a more sincere and equal a relationship than between God and Man in the Iliad. Odysseus is distinguished not only by his bravery, but largely by his intellect and cunning. He is the type of resourceful man whom never gives up, thinks of the causes, is reverent and never gives in. The Odyssey is more socially oriented, there are more ordinary people, shepherds, service girls and, just overall, more everyday scenes. This realism is offset by fairytale traits with magical elements as the one-eyed cannibal Polyphemus, the gods interfering, the witch-goddess Circe that transforms Odysseus ' men into swine Phaeacians carefree life and their ship sailing by itself as well as the descent into hell. The story is centered on a single brand, under severe difficulties Odysseus fights his way back to his home where his faithful wife and his young son awaits. The narrative is not linear as in the Iliad, but takes place on several levels. The scene switches not just between heaven and earth, but between Odysseus during his tumultuous journey and his wife, Penelope, who is at Ithaca waiting and keeping suitors at bay as well as their son, Telemachus, who grows up and wants to leave home to hear news about his father. The story begins with the Gods on Mount Olympus ' decision that

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