Analysis Of Homer 's ' The Devil '

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6. The Devil Is Going To Try To Bring You Down "The greater you do and the better you become, the harder the devil going go at you... stay strong and keep the faith." - Ryan Smith This is one of the most interesting quotes about not giving up and staying strong that I found. It symbolizes that feeling you get when life presents opportunities to take the easy way out, even if it 's wrong. And there will be plenty of opportunities to do the wrong thing or the easy thing once you start to become better and greater in every way. The strong, who can avoid the 'devil ', will be rewarded with real and rewarding success. It 's always better to look back on a struggle that led to success than it is to look back on a path of lying, cheating,…show more content…
He has a list of reasons why, and whenever he comes across anyone who is looking for a job or trying to pursue something different than a government job, he will try to convince them that they need to go out and get a government job instead. And he 's persuasive! He even kept his son in a government job for years because his son believed that it was the right thing to do, even though it didn 't feel right to him. He 's just one of many people who think that their way is the right way. You will come across many of these people as you work towards what you want. And, if you let them, you will start to question what you are doing. You may even change what you are doing and end up on their path instead of yours. Always remember that we all walk our own paths in life, and not one of them is similar to someone else 's. You get to choose your own way. You get to choose what is 'right ' and what is 'wrong ' for you. You get to choose the best option for you - and it may be different than what someone else believes is the best option. As long as you are listening to your inner voice, and following your desires and passions, you are making the right choice in each moment, so don 't question it! 9. Need Another Reason To Not Give Up And Stay Strong? "When you are strong, you can be strong for others." - Gary Vaynerchuck It 's important to

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