Analysis Of Homer 's The Iliad And The Odysseys

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Homer’s poems, play a key role in Ancient Greek culture and many important moments or scenes from Homer’s The Iliad and The Odysseys are depicted on the vases. Each vase has a story and the painters depict the moments or events in the poem in the exact way Homer describes. However, some depictions on the vases could be dramatized by the painters because the painter brought their imagination from the story of Homer. Through the Ancient Greek vases, we can get new information or background information about the Homer’s poem and we can understand the scenes better in the Iliad and the odysseys even though some vases are depicted a little differently from the lines of the pomes. There are three different themes to see the connection between the Homeric poems and scenes depicted on Ancient Greek vases, which are warfare, funeral, and marriage. First of all, there is a vase depicted wedding ceremony. This terracotta lekythos describes the moment of wedding procession on the body of the vase and women dancing to the music coming from the musicians playing flute and lyre on the shoulder of the vase. A woman holding torches leads the way and newly-married couple is following her, riding on a cart which is pulled by donkey. And 4 best men are sitting in a cart drawn by donkey, following the bride and groom. This picture is different from the others because it is focused on women. In the depiction, every men and donkeys are portrayed as black-figured and only women are drawn…
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