Analysis Of Homer 's ' The Iliad '

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Final Paper
Senior Seminar in Interdisciplinary Studies
Dr. Packer
Eric G. Shuping
March 3, 2015

Final Paper Homer’s poem, The Iliad, explains to us how the Trojan War started with Paris stealing Menelaus wife, Helen, and affected the lives of the Greek and Trojan people. The gods and warriors all desire to earn their honor to prove they are great, which Homer proves that it ends disastrously at times. Homer’s definition of honor in Iliad shows us that the gods, Greeks, and Trojans will do anything to prove their honor, while in the Hebrew Bible, they show honor differently. In the Hebrew Bible, we learn to honor one person that gave us life, God. The Hebrew Bible gives us a choice to choose from right and wrong, to learn from our mistakes. God wants us to be able to prove that we are able to head to the advice that we are given. Homer displays fate in The Iliad to show that no matter what we do, our future is already determined for us regardless if we intervene. Homer describes our decisions are not up to us, our fate is decided for us no matter how much we try to escape from it, it will always meet up with us in the future. In Oedipus the King, we have differences of fate vs. free will. Even though fate is already determined, it is the free will that shows us that is ultimately up to Oedipus, but also the free will he takes to own up to his mistakes by blinding himself. As in the Hebrew Bible and Oedipus are the same. Even though…

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