Analysis Of Homer 's ' The Iliad '

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Homer 's poem The Iliad is a prime example of your protagonist and antagonist going against each other, With one main character Achilles fueled by his all consuming wrath and need for vengeance, and the other main character Hektor fueled by his obligation and desire to guard his city and protect his family. Homer 's Iliad has been open to several different interpretations and different versions have circulated even in Greek art. The Harvard Collection has a vase in it that tells a similar but very different version of Achilles tale.

On this vase painting we see Achilles reclining in his char eating, laying below where he eats lies Hektor 's corpse. His corpse is placed beneath Achilles as if he is a rug, in the left of the painting (as if catching Achilles by surprise is Hektor 's old father Priam who appears to be begging at Achilles knees, and to the right of the painting is Achilles battle amour. The scene depicted by the painter shows how Achilles anger has become his obsession, you can almost see a crazed look painted for Achilles expression. In the painting the author is very detailed oriented as can be seen with Hektors corpse. Details are painted onto Hektors body to show that his ankles had been bound and scratches and marks on the body are to indicate the body had been tossed around. The artist focuses completely on Achilles anger or obsession in contrast to Homers version of the poem which spends more time building to the climax of the story, and developing its…

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