Analysis Of Homer 's The Iliad

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In Homer’s the Iliad there are two types of culture which are shame and honor. The Greeks rank great significance on personal honor. Why is that? The reason being is that to them honor means the ability to fight and be triumphant on the battle field. There are many ways honor is obtained to the Greeks, another way to prove your honor is to reveal athletic abilities. Meanwhile, the shame culture has a different concept to the Greeks. Shame meant to have good morals towards others and it is a more logical way of living. In the ancient Greek era a majority of people were associated with the honor culture compare to the shame culture. The honor culture was more praised back then and the reason being is that everyone wanted to feel in control and powerful in a certain way. Homer believes that one culture is better than the other and the reason being is that Homer thinks that honor drives anger, anger drives war, which will revitalize the cycle back to greater honor. The meaning of shame and honor to the ancient Greeks is completely different in today’s society. I will be discussing the difference between shame and honor and the Greeks warriors that belong in those categories. One would say that Achilles belong in the honor culture and the reason being is that his character is fill with frustration and childish behavior. He is known to be one of the greatest warrior to the Greeks, but he is very arrogant. His poor behavior has caused him to lose his best friend Patroclus. After

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