Analysis Of Homer 's ' The Odyssey '

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Jonathan Martial
Major Authors: Homer Love: How Far Will They Go To Obtain It – Greece’s fostering of love

There are many ways an individual may view The Odyssey with a myriad of variations of the same view. One of these many variations can be the aspect of love and its effects on the characters within Homer’s epic. Love, in Odysseus’ case, governs his will to get back home to his wife, son, and kingdom from his long and tiring journey. During his journey Odysseus undergoes a series of strenuous trials that puts his mental aptitude as well as his physical fortitude to the most extreme test. There are times that Odysseus comes close to being swayed by those around him and those of which he encounters but in the end he fights through it all, as painful as it may be, to get back home to his beloved. Love is a powerful idea that transcends the virtual world of abstraction once it’s being expressed to its fullest extent; that love once exceeding human bounds almost permeates in an awe-inspiring way. One’s devotion to a significant other or interest in another causes them to act in particular ways that if love wasn’t involved they would not have behaved in that way. Due to the strength of love’s effects on people, it can cause a rather sour side effect in the stead of positive outcomes. In the case of Odysseus, as much as he did have love for his kingdom he did not want to go to war. Despite that he had to leave for ten years but this ultimately led him to…
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