Analysis Of Homer 's The Odyssey

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Throughout the existence of man, individuals spend majority of their life trying to find themselves. This journey is the journey in which they hope they will be able to discover who they truly are and in turn find their identity. One cannot say that they created their own identity because an identity is not simply how we define ourselves but also how others view us. Identity is defined as distinguishing characteristics of an individual, this being said we do not distinguish ourselves from others that is the jobs of outside entities at times. If we really simply on our own definition of self we create an illusion of the individual we want to be but not whom we truly encompass. This is where recognition plays a role. Recognition of oneself by others helps solidify the identity that we have built in our own mind for ourselves. We discover who we are through interactions and how we respond to different stimuli, what are likes are, what are dislikes are, whom we identify ourselves as being similar to. This is exemplified marvelously in Homer’s epic The Odyssey; Homer effectively uses Telemachus the son of the central character to Odysseus as a means to show the journey in which one embarks on to discover who they truly are. This voyage is a pivotal point in the transition from adolescent to an adult. Children have an innate desire to be accepted by their parents, this helps acceptance helps solidify their identity as their parent’s child. At the beginning of the Odyssey we
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