Analysis Of Homer 's ' The Odyssey '

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Arle 'chia Nisby Professor Parker World Literature Sept 24,2015 Telemachus: Test of maturity In Homer 's heroic poem the Odyssey,Telemachus is an important character because will be the one to become king of Ithaca if his father 's Odysseus does not return home. However during this time he is not only protecting his mother from a suitor 's hand in marriage,but is forced to mature within a year 's time. Telemachus share strong physical characteristics of his father and based of the knowledge of his the people of Ithaca , Odysseus is the best king that they have ever had. Therefore they expect the same from his son Telemachus. Sadly the two did not compare in the beginning of the odyssey, but the story quickly overturned when Telemachus starts finding his adulthood while searching for his father. Many would argue that Telemachus was maturing throughout the story ,but I find that false . Maturity is a characteristic that is hard to define and is interpreted differently based on the individual reading the Odyssey. I believe that Telemachus courage, his what made him suitable for a king not his maturity. Being mature verses having courage are two characteristics that separate a confident king from a timid young boy who wants his father to be proud of the son he has become. For instance,having courage has proven to lift confidence levels. Courageous people are more likely to become leaders, then others who are simply mature. Telemachus benefits from his first step of being…
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