Analysis Of Homer 's ' The Odyssey '

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Arle 'chia Nisby Professor Parker World Literature Sept 24,2015 Telemachus: Test of maturity In Homer 's heroic poem the Odyssey,Telemachus is an important character because will be the one to become king of Ithaca if his father 's Odysseus does not return home. However during this time he is not only protecting his mother from a suitor 's hand in marriage,but is forced to mature within a year 's time. Telemachus share strong physical characteristics of his father and based of the knowledge of his the people of Ithaca , Odysseus is the best king that they have ever had. Therefore they expect the same from his son Telemachus. Sadly the two did not compare in the beginning of the odyssey, but the story quickly overturned when Telemachus…show more content…
He stated. “ Mother, why begrudge our singer/ entertaining us as he thinks best/ Singers are not responsible;Zeus is/who gives us what he wants to every man on earth./ …...Odysseus is not the only man at Troy/who didn 't come home. Many other 's perished./ you should go back upstairs and take care of your work./Speaking is for men, for all man, but for me / Especially, since I am the master of the house.” In the quote,you could see that his confidence level shift from a timid young man to him taking matters into his own hands. Although this was a brief gesture, it made him gain the confidence to talk to suitors. In addition, that it was short, it was the first of Telemachus speeches that will build his confidence against the suitors in an attempt to get rid of the suitors it before his father returns. Another example of why courage is more effective then maturity is because it is persuasive. Having courage comes with a voice, which is proven through tones and actions of being able to talk in front of large groups of people, along with meaning what you say. Telemachus versus Antinous show maturity does not make you a suitable for a leader. In Telemachus defense, he speaking up for his family, which shows that he is suitable to be a king. A king must protect his people, but knows that the protection of his family comes first . In this passage Telemachus is annoyed by how the suitors have treated his father home while Odysseus is out trying to
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