Analysis Of Hotel California By The Eagles

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I have always enjoyed music with strong, meaningful lyrics so this option was the obvious choice for my final. I find myself constantly listening to music and have listened to “Hotel California” by The Eagles more times than I can count, making it another obvious choice for me. Although, when reading through the lyrics the first time, I realized that I had never understood the song meaning and the theme it is intended to portray. It was interesting to read through it with my own, as opposed to hearing the tone it receives when listening to the song. Not having the music helped me understand the meaning of the lines better, letting the words sink in instead of them being sung quickly and then gone.

“Hotel California” takes on a relatively free form when analyzed as poetry. It contains a mostly consistent rhyme pattern throughout using an A,A,B,B,C,C series, as many songs do. However, the meter of the song is less structured and has more variance throughout the stanzas. Each can carry different numbers of syllables than the one before, depending on the part of the song. This is where the work loses its formality and is taken as free verse. When reading through, the lyrics carry even more similar traits than those we look for when analyzing modern poetry including, general theme and figurative language.

The theme of the song is rather interesting and I have heard many different theories about the meaning when discussing it with peers over the years. One of the thoughts is…

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