Analysis Of Hotel On The Corner Of Bitter And Sweet, Henry And Keiko

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Imagine going through life without any emotions or feelings for anyone. Life would be methodical and boring; one should be enjoying their life with friends and loved ones. Ones character would be affected greatly without relationships intertwined within ones life. Life would be more enjoyable when having someone to share good and bad memories. It is always best to keep the most important relationships closest to the heart. By doing this, dealing with life struggles can become a much more easy ordeal. In the book, Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, Henry and Keiko were always there for each other. Jamie Ford, the author, was able to portray two best friends that shared an ordinary yet unique childhood. Henry is a young Chinese boy living in the heart of a town where whites make up the majority of the population. When Henry was a young boy, his father made him go to Rainier Elementary, an all white school, where he worked in the kitchen serving food during lunch hours. This is where he met his friend, Keiko, who was Japanese. This was a problem because Henry 's father detested the Japanese. At first, Henry did not want to become friends with Keiko because of his father, but being with her everyday in the lunchroom made him think otherwise. Henry and Keiko became best friends. Sharing all of their secrets and past experiences. Henry would escort Keiko home everyday after school. Eventually, Henry started courting Keiko, and he fell in love with her. During the war,…
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