Analysis Of Hotel Rwanda Opens With A Black Screen And A Broadcast Of The Hutu Land

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Hotel Rwanda opens with a black screen and a broadcast of the Hutu Power Radio Broadcast playing this message, "The Tutsi were collaborators for the Belgian colonists, they stole our Hutu land, they whipped us. Now they have come back, these Tutsi rebels. They are cockroaches. They are murderers. Rwanda is our Hutu land. We are the majority. They are a minority of traitors and invaders. We will squash the infestation." The screen then switches to Kigali, Rwanda in 1994 where Paul Rusesabagina is picking up imported cigars from the Kigali airport. Paul states that a cigar is worth more than money, because it gives him style when he is dealing with wealthy clients. Rusesabagina is being driven to pick up supplies from George Rutugunda, a Hutu Rebel Leader. Rutugunda encourages Rusesabagina to support his own people, Rusesabagina simply says he values his career more than politics. While Paul Rusesabagina is picking up the supplies in the warehouse a large crate falls to the ground exposing hundreds of machetes. George Rutugunda brags about how purchased them from China for ten cents each. After leaving the warehouse Rusesabagina and his driver Dube encounter a mob of Hutus and are forced to stop driving. Some Hutus recognize Dube as a Tutsi and begin yelling. Paul calms them down by holding up his Hutu shirt, given to him earlier by George Rutugunda, showing them they are supporters of their cause. This allows them to finally drive away. Paul and Dube arrive at the Mille
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