Analysis Of Huckleberry Finn By Mark Twain

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Evan Chavez Mr. Storey AP English 5-6 12 December 2015 Huck Finn Reflection Log Template Analyzing Twain’s Satire Satirical Episode Explanation needs to include - identify the target of the satire, explain the meaning and purpose of Twain’s satire in each episode, and identify whether the satire is lighthearted and fun or mean-spirited and bitter. BE CERTAIN THAT YOU HAVE SOME EVIDENCE (paraphrase or quote) AND PAGE NUMBER Gang of Robbers (Chapter 3) In the novel, Mark Twain uses satire to mock different aspects of his world. Before Huck and Jim even make it to the Mississippi, In St. Petersburg, Huck encounters many different aspects and situations made to make fun of, and laugh at American society. Through Jim, Twain mocks slavery, and the way that people treated African Americans. Miss Watson is an example, where she is revered as a good, strong Christian woman, with many strong moral convictions, but owns slaves, and thinks nothing of selling them away from family. (Twain 13) Twain uses satire here to show how hypocritical it was, that someone referred to as a “Good Christian woman” can buy and trade people as if they were property. Another one of his targets of satire in this episode is the idea of romanticism. Twain uses Tom Sawyer as a window to the romantic view on life that was running rampant in the South at the time. An example of this is when Tom and his “gang” would supposedly rob, murder, and steal every sunday, to oppose their going to church (Twain 18)
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