Analysis Of Hughes 's Poem ' Theme For English B '

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“We didn’t all come over on the same ship, but we’re all in the same boat.” –Bernard M. Baruch. America is considered a melting pot, where all races and cultures ideally co-exist as equals. Even though Individual’s emerge from different backgrounds, they are all brought together under one identity, as American. African-Americans, however, had to fight to be an assimilated part of American society, and claim for themselves the bonds that unite Americans one to another. In “Theme for English B”, Hughes depicts the similarities between himself, the black student, and his Professor, In order to assert that Individuals can emerge from different backgrounds, however, they share similarities, and they are still able to assimilate with one another. No matter the skin color, everyone is the same and connected. Hughes employs unifying diction to emphasize that neither his instructor nor himself are defined as a skin color, but as “American.” Instead of separating each of them ethnically, the author, categorizes them both as “American,” not as one race or culture, but many blended together. This word choice illustrates the equality of both black and white. Hughes shares everyone is the same, and no one can be defined by racial stereotypes, although the time period he lived in made it seem that they were socially unequal. With the use of repetitive diction, Hughes discusses commonalities between himself and his professor, in hopes to obliterate the idea of social
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