Analysis Of Hugo Boss 's Supply Chain Management

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Mark Von Cappeln Professor York Supply Chain Management 03April2016 Hugo Boss This case analysis assesses the influence of a supply chain pilot applied at Hugo Boss. The pilot was created in order to see if the ordering system currently used at Hugo Boss was working to the fullest ability and if a new method could benefit the company. Additionally this would show all of the main effects on the supply chain change, the inventory, sales and most significantly product availability. Moros saw that if the company kept going through stock outs that customers might switch to the substitute product and leave their company. “As he reviewed the flow and stream of product through their well-established supply chain network, Moros straight away recognized several opportunities for more and more improvement. From all possible solution the most effective ways to modify the frequency with which the entire inventory has been ordered from the concerned contract manufacturers. He questioned, why these orders were on monthly basis and moreover ordering more often afford better flexibility. The basic concern was to improve the changes, needed to be made for the improvement of the overall supply chain process.” Hugo Boss is known as a world wide powerhouse in the retail world. They are experts in creating both men and women high fashion clothing. From an operational perspective, the variability that exists as a result of designing and manufacturing short run fashion products is high. Being in a

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