Analysis Of Hunger In America

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This paper explores Hunger in America. From thoroughly observing and comprehending information and analysis from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), Stuart, T. (2009). Waste: Uncovering the global food scandal, and excerpts from Cheney, C. (2014, September 24). I have devised a plan which is modified to decrease hunger in America by following a stair step solution beginning at the core of how hunger in America begins. Through these steps I will be explaining a problem that is involved with hunger in America and providing solutions to fix them.
Keywords: Hunger In America, Food Waste, Agriculture, Government. Food Waste In America: Our Salvation
Our salvation against hunger in
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Many large companies throw out surplus due to a healthy food and safety issue, as well as fear of lawful actions being taken if someone were to get sick from their food. However, Arkansas University School of Law (2013) released a form concluding there has never been case of food donation related liabilities. These excuses are unacceptable, the 1996 Bill Emerson Food Donation Act, states that any good Samaritan cannot be sued in the topic of food donations if the action is through good faith. If smaller industries and operations wanted to donate food, it would still be difficult for them to succeed in these actions. In February 2015 there was a bill introduced called the “Fighting Hunger Incentive Act of 2015” This would expand charitable deductions for contributions of food inventory. Companies with large amounts of surplus produce and food items should be strongly encouraged to donate their extra food to charities and food banks. Large companies have tax break, but smaller operations do not. Smaller operations must get renewed for approval of these tax breaks in order to donate their surplus and excess food. The process, however takes a lengthy amount of time, so by the time these business find out if they were approved or not, it may be too late for them. The Fighting Hunger Act of 2015 would make the tax break permanent. Unfortunately, this bill was passed but the contents…show more content…
Once you being to change one law, all other things should fall into place. It is a consistent circle that will help reduce hunger in America. We need to have access to edible food that is affordable and up to acceptable standards for consumers. Once we being enforcing these ideas, the steps toward diminishing hunger in America will start from the bottom up, farmers will be able to sell more crops to retail companies, retailers will have more revenue of their merchandise, consumers will have more selections, and surplus amounts will be going to those in need. Increasing laws and enforcing more recycling and welfare/food stamps programs will assist in those who cannot afford food. These steps will have a drastic effect and change in solving Food Hunger in
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