Analysis Of Hunting By Rick Bass

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Hunting is an extremely controversial topic in the U.S. Since the beginning of history, man has hunted animals for food to live and to utilize other parts for clothing and other essential reasons. There are many people who are strongly opposed to hunting and think that it should be banned. There are also many people that support hunting and think that it is an acceptable thing to do. One such writer, Rick Bass, describes a similar emotion in his essay, “Why I hunt”. In the essay, he emphasizes his deep love for hunting and claims that it is an enjoyable activity. He employs such details to his story describing his surrounding beautifully that towards the end of the article, his attempts to appeal to reader’s imagination strengthen his…show more content…
Before he shares his hunting experiences, he describes the forest with intense emotion. “And most precious of all, the flesh of the wild things that share with us these mountains and the plains to the east – the elk, the whitetail and mule deer; the ducks and geese, grouse and pheasant and Hungarian partridge and dove and chukar and wild turkey; the trout and whitefish.” (Bass, 255). He describes in such details the beauty of the nature that instantly makes us feel the connection. He helps readers understand how he feels as he hunts in a natural forest rich with a variety of prey. Likewise, Bass continues by drawing logos in his argument. He mentions that only 5 percent of the nation and 15 to 20 percent of Montanans are hunters but in the Valley almost everyone is a hunter. He states that is not due to peer pressure of the local culture or due to the economic boon of a few hundred pounds of meat rather due to the terrain itself. By reading this claim we can agree that the landscape can draw a person to hunt. There are small number of places that have valleys and forest which little number of hunter. Hence, Rick Bass’s love for the territory is one reason why he loves to hunt. Along with this, the writer supports his argument of how nature can awaken a person’s imagination. He asserts that hunter-gatherer culture might have richer imagination than those who are more in the post-agriculture state (Bass 656). We can agree that the technology

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