Analysis Of Hurricane Irma

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The service I voluntarily participated in was helping victims of hurricane Irma clean up debris and cut down trees in Key West, Florida. We were divided up into three large groups. A local church (St. Peter Catholic Church), a water revised (John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park), and a museum (Crane Point Museum & Nature Center) were the three destinations for our cleanup crews. The team I was placed in went to help the St. Peter Catholic church. This multicultural church is ran by an Haitian American Priest that has been a pastor for twenty-five years of his life. During the service we cut down trees, stacked and removed debris. After about an hour and thirty minutes of this labor we helped replenish the handmade tomatoes garden built…show more content…
According to The Christian Vision of Humanity, real community is based on the sharing of self-transcendence. Koltko defined self-transcendence being “seeks to further a cause beyond the self and to experience a communion beyond the boundaries of the self through peak experience.” The students along with myself who took the time out of a college students busy life to give back and do something for others demonstrated Koltko definition of self-transcendence. We made the choice to wake up on a Saturday morning to go and give back to those uncapable of doing for themselves. Every one of us that Saturday morning reach “the final good or responsibility of each and every individual human person” because of the reliance of having a choice (Sachs). Vice as described in Sachs book, “moral depravity or corruption.” In this service, hearing Maria’s story saddens me and hurt me to see how the bank works. The world we live in is degrading as a society. Maria was insisting on paying us the little she had for or service which we kindly declined just because we were the only thing avoiding her from losing her property. Self – determination’s capacity and responsibility is our human freedom. Just seeing the reactions of the folks, we helped shaped my perspective on this idea of freedom. It made me want to commit to being oneself and become somebody rather than
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