Analysis Of Husky Energy Inc.

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Husky Energy Inc. is a recognizable company to many Canadians. Most people just know it as “The Husky” and see it as just merely an oil company that is operated through North America. Although Husky Energy Inc. is based in Alberta and Saskatchewan, it is a worldwide enterprise. “China, Greenland, and Libya” all have Husky Energy within their countries (Husky Energy Inc.). The now privately owned business is valued at “28 billion as of October 2009” (Warnock, 1) and is growing exponentially. They are continuing expansion, becoming much more than a gas and oil supplier. They understand the changes are essential in being a successful corporation. A company facing as much competition as this energy company must conduct E-Scans to decipher the best route possible to make profit for themselves and provide dividends to their shareholders. Also, the company has the difficulty of studying many different environments due to their wide spread locations. Specifically, this essay will study the Canadian environment, how the landscape and competitors affect their decisions. Their overseas relations also give them many opportunities, but also threats. It is important for the company to first turn a profit, but Husky Energy Inc. also makes an effort to help out local communities and charities and due their part in environment protocol and aid. Husky Energy Inc. is a publically tradable company with thousands stockholders who buy and sell daily. It is used as an investable stock, where you
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